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    ADABI Seafood Flavored Sauce


    Adabi Seafood Sauce is the perfect cooking sauce! A combination of oyster and seafood, creating a balance of sweet and salty with a dash of aroma. Produced using premium, quality ingredients.

    ADABI Sos Korea Sauce


    The perfect dipping sauce for fried food, Adabi Korean Sauce is a medley between sweet and spicy giving you a refreshing new experience!

    AM Market Paru Rempah


    Frozen Marinated Beef Lung – 500g
    Paru Berempah – 500g

    Asam Paste (Orchid)


    Orchid Tamarind – Asam Paste

    Two Sizes : 300g, 1kg

    Please Select Preferred Size

    Asam Paste (Orchid)